Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, FU YING MELERO
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
Qi gong - Chi kung FU YING



The Qi helps us to:


  • Keep our flexibility, tone up our joints and improve the elasticity of muscles and tendons.

  • Regulate our blood pressure, stimulate the blood circulation and energy (Qi) without being exhausted.

  • It is scientifically proven that it stimulates the immunological mechanisms and favours the restoration of swollen tissues or tissues that began a degenerative process.

  • Postural muscular pains tend to disappear; even those that are chronic or very intense tend to be reduced.

  • Perceive the internal organism thanks to the proprioceptive sensations that are acquired.

  • Because we are more relaxed and with a calmer breathing, it is easier to sleep well and get up with energy even after less time of sleeping.

  • Strengthen concentration.

  • Qi Gong soothes the nerves, relaxes and helps in the treatment of distress and anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, insomnia and all the problems that come from stress.

  • Slow down the process of ageing in older people.

  • Soften the upsets caused by different pathologies and help to recover the vital energy spent during the fight against the illness.

          Qi Gong is a means which everyone can use to stay in optimal conditions and even to improve oneself. To get older is important, but it is even more important to get older and be in good physical and mental condition at the same time.


          The Chinese Word “Qi Gong” o “Chi Kung” is formed by the Chinese ideogram  “Chi”氣  that means “energy” y “Kung" 功 that means “work”. Both together mean “The work of energy”.

          Qi Kong forms part of the traditional Chinese medicine such as moxibustion, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc.   Taking into account that Chinese medicine recognizes that “Chi” is found in everything that exits in nature, it is understood that Chi Kung is a science that studies nature, the interaction among all its elements and its actions, especially those that affect in one way or the other to the human being.

          It could be defined as a compendium of coordinated movements (movement, breathing and mind) which helps us to keep and improve our health, prevent illnesses, improve our vitality, etc. Moreover, many of its movements help us in our self- defense because they also have a martial application.

          If we consider that the “Chi” or energy is the fountain of life in all human beings and if we know the way it works and how it can be regulated, then we will be able to carry out a longer and healthier life.

          To help to provide these optimal health conditions, Chi Kung tries to maintain a balance (Yin-Yan) between the three “treasures” of the human being: body, vital energy and mind (Sam Bau = Jing - Chi - Shen). This is based on the movement without any muscular effort and without any alteration of the heart rate, and all these is regulated by breathing and monitored by the mind. In this way, we get a calm and unhurried breathing during all our lives, which provides us with a good physical and mental health and a longer life.