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qi gong - chi kung FU YING
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
qi gong - chi kung FU YING
Qi gong - Chi kung FU YING


          Lohan Gong is a Qi Gong method, which is both therapeutic and martial, and has great Buddhist and Taoist influences. It helps to heal and prevent several pathologies and so, it is very beneficial for our health. The movements in Lohan Qi Gong work out all the different joints in our body (ankles, knees, hips, vertebral column, shoulders, elbows, wrists….) allowing us to keep a good mobility and flexibility no matter how old the person is. (“Joint that keeps moving doesn’t get rusted, or water that doesn’t keep running gets rotten”. Hua To, Han dynasty doctor, 25-225 AD).

          Lohan Gong  movements stimulate the functions of internal organs (lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys….), either by means of  torsions, turns and compressions of the body or ,in a more subtle way,  by means of massages that  the diaphragm,  and all the muscles that  take part in breathing  give to the organs in the stages of inhalation  and exhalation.

          As for the energetic (Chi) aspect, Lohan Gong fulfills all the preventive and therapeutic functions of a complete system of Qi Gong. It always works within the medical principles of traditional Chinese medicine: stretch out   and massage the meridians, work out of Sam Jiao, Tan Tiens and Sam Kuan (“doors” of the vertebral column), specific training for the different types of Chi in the human being and improvement of the different aspects  of the three treasures (Jing, Chi, shen), etc.

          Lohan system is made up of a series of "essential" exercises and forms which are taught at the beginning; three of these forms focus on the work out of each SAM BAU “three treasures”: Jing or essence, Chi or energy and Shen or spirit. These forms are:



          - SUB BAK LO HAN SAO: It focusses on the “Jing”

          - SIU LO HAN: It  focusses on the “Chi”

          - DAI LO HAN: It focusses on the “Shen”

          There are other sequences of movements, which apart from helping health, they also have martial applications that have connections with other internal systems, such as ,Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa, etc.

          Some of these sequences are:

- TAI KIT KUEN “Tai Chi Chuan”: It is characterized by its “long” movements.

- WU CHI: It is characterized by the combination of “short” and “long” techniques.

- NG WAN LOK HEI PA KWA KUNG: “five cycles (elements) six energies moving  Pa Kwa”.