Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, FU YING MELERO
kung fu FU YING
kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Shaolin pou fa de Tit jin cheong kuen
Cheung Bau Jong (saco de arena de pared)
Defensa Personal
Seong tau gwun "Palo de doble cabeza"
Tai hung kai gwun (palo gran bandera roja)
Hu gwun (Palo de mono)
Mui fa cheong (Lanza flor de ciruelo)
Gau wan pa kwa dahn do (sable de 9 aros pa kwa)
Sup ji mui fa seong do (Doble dahn do flor de ciruelo luchando en cruz)
Wu sau ngau (Ganchos de guerra)
Seong fu tao pai doi chack seong do (Dos espadas y dos escudos enfrentados)
Ma jong, Ching jong, Cheung bau jong


     It is very frequent to find “tools” used to develop the needed skills and abilities to be effective in fighting in the different kung fu styles. These tools are known as Jong “dummies” ().

     Choy Lee Fut is, without any doubt, the kung fu system with the widest range of Jongs, both to train empty hand and weapons techniques.

Forms with Jongs (樁類):

CHEUNG BAU JONG   “Wall bag form

CHING JONG   “Balanced dummy

SAH BAU JONG   “Sand bag dummy

SAM SING SAH BAU JONG   “Three sand bag dummy

SOI SAU JONG   “Breaking hand dummy

CHUIN LUNG JONG   “Penetrating Dragon dummy

MA JONG   “Horse dummy

SAM SING JONG   “Three stars dummy - poles-

SIU PA KWA JONG   “Small Pa kwa dummy

DAI PA KWA JONG   “Great pa kwa dummy

TONG YUN YU WAI DIM YU KUEN   “Copper man dummy

MUI FA KWUN JONG   “Plum Blossom staff dummy

SUI MUI FA JONG   “Small plum Blossom dummy

DAI MUI FA JONG   “Great plum blossom dummy

SIU CHUG LUM JONG   “Small bamboo forest dummy

DAI CHUG LUM JONG   “Great bamboo forest dummy

MUI FA DOU JONG   “Plum blossom sabre dummy

SIU MOG YAN SIN JONG   “Small wooden man's fan dummy

DAI MOG YAN SIN JONG   “Great wooden man's fan dummy

SIU HOY MUN JONG   “Small opening door dummy

SIL LUM JI NG DAI MOG YAN HOY MUN JONG  “Opening door dummy of the five great Shaolin wooden men

     Generally speaking, all these dummies share a number of common objectives to develop the students' skills, such as distance control and impact precision. In addition, each of these dummies helps the students to sharpen the striking pressure areas and they improve different types of skills, from the most basic ones to the more advanced abilities, the internal and external fighting systems and their combination:

     CHEUNG BAU JONG “Wall bag” strengthens all parts of the hand you use to hit: fist, palm and fingers. It also teaches how to use the arm that is not hitting to generate and transmit impact strength into the hand or fist which is hitting.





     CHING JONG “Balanced dummy”. This dummy, apart from strengthening hands and fists, it also strengthens the forearms (Kius) and teaches to intercept or block with the arm and to place it in a suitable position so as to provide a good protection. Sometimes, the arm can hit and block simultaneously.

     SAH BAU JONG “Sand bag dummy”. Unlike the Jongs mentioned above which are fixed dummies, this is movable. This makes the student move according to the movements of the dummy so as to keep the most suitable distance to hit the opponent with the strongest force. There is a difference in hitting something static to hitting something that is constantly moving in different directions and at different paces.

     SAM SING SAH BAU JONG “three sand bags dummy”. It shares the same goals and principles as the Sah Bau Jong but adding the difficulty of having three sand bags instead of one. This is like fighting with three opponents at the same time.

     SOI SAU JONG “Breaking hand dummy”. This tool has the same objectives as the previous dummies, as well as the purpose of helping the student to get faster and hitting at the right time.

    This way, each Jong maintains the knowledge of the more basic dummies and at the same time, each of them progressively adds something else in order to develop the maximum potential of each fighter.