Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, FU YING MELERO
kung fu FU YING
kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Shaolin pou fa de Tit jin cheong kuen
Cheung Bau Jong (saco de arena de pared)
Defensa Personal
Seong tau gwun "Palo de doble cabeza"
Tai hung kai gwun (palo gran bandera roja)
Hu gwun (Palo de mono)
Mui fa cheong (Lanza flor de ciruelo)
Gau wan pa kwa dahn do (sable de 9 aros pa kwa)
Sup ji mui fa seong do (Doble dahn do flor de ciruelo luchando en cruz)
Wu sau ngau (Ganchos de guerra)
Seong fu tao pai doi chack seong do (Dos espadas y dos escudos enfrentados)
Ma jong, Ching jong, Cheung bau jong

          Weapons: They are all those tools used for attacking or defending. In martial arts some weapons were specifically used for fighting, whereas some others were everyday tools used in hunting, fishing or agriculture. Weapons were evolving according to the different functional needs, circumstances and the type of enemy people had to fight against.

          Before fire guns were invented, hand to hand combat was the only way to fight. Weapons were different in different situations (wars, security jobs, street fights, duels, etc.) When in the battlefield, it was not the same fighting against foot soldiers than fighting against soldiers riding horses, elephants or horse-drawn carriages.

          Weapons must also be the adequate ones depending on our physical characteristics and abilities. Weapons used by strong fighters are not the same as those used by weak fighters. The same happens with fast and slow fighters. They should use different kind of weapons depending on their capabilities and strength. Weapons must be an “extension” of the fighter. Weapon and fighter must be just one and only thing, both compatible and both in perfect harmony and synchrony: skill, energy and spirit.

          This is the reason why a large and varied arsenal was created. Choy Lee Fut system is probably the martial art with the widest variety of weapons so as to give an effective response to all the different situations that fighter may encounter when fighting against their enemies.

          Weapons classification in Choy Lee Fut:

            - Long weapons (staffs, spears, halberds, etc.)

          - Short weapons (straight swords, broad swords, etc.)

          - Double weapons (axes, knives, hooks, hammers,

             shields, etc.)

          - Flexible weapons (chain whips, two-three section

            staff, etc.)

          - Throwing weapons (darts, coins, etc.)

          - Miscellaneous weapons (farmer hoe, fans, etc.)

          For a good learning and a correct development of skills and capabilities, the knowledge of weapons is divided as follows:

            - 55 single weapon forms/sets

          - 55two or more people forms/sets

                   - Weapon vs. weapon

                   - Weapon vs. empty- hand

                   - One person with a weapon vs. two or more

                      people with weapons

          - Dummies to train weapons: staff (gwun), spears, fans,              swords, etc.