Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, FU YING MELERO
kung fu FU YING
kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Kung fu FU YING
Shaolin pou fa de Tit jin cheong kuen
Cheung Bau Jong (saco de arena de pared)
Defensa Personal
Seong tau gwun "Palo de doble cabeza"
Tai hung kai gwun (palo gran bandera roja)
Hu gwun (Palo de mono)
Mui fa cheong (Lanza flor de ciruelo)
Gau wan pa kwa dahn do (sable de 9 aros pa kwa)
Sup ji mui fa seong do (Doble dahn do flor de ciruelo luchando en cruz)
Wu sau ngau (Ganchos de guerra)
Seong fu tao pai doi chack seong do (Dos espadas y dos escudos enfrentados)
Ma jong, Ching jong, Cheung bau jong

          The main objective of multiple confronted person forms, known in Choy Lee Fut as two person fighting forms, is to put into practice with a partner, who will behave as a real enemy, all those techniques learned and trained in the solo forms. This will make the students feel and live training as a real combat situation as they have to use and apply at the right time the different defense and attacking techniques and so, be more effective in a real confrontation (self- defense, fighting, etc.).




These two person fighting forms will provide us:

- Physical conditioning of body contact areas.

- Learning to be aware of those parts of the enemy’s body which are vulnerable and those parts of our own body that must be protected.

- The right distance we must have from our enemy to apply in an effective way either the different attacks (foot, knee, elbow hand or fist techniques and grapplings)  or defenses (dodging, blocking and controlling your enemy’s techniques).

- Yin-Yang states (offensive and defensive movements) to breathe in an appropriate way so as to have the best offensive-defensive potential without wasting energy and at the same time, having the best possible efficiency.

- With the right techniques  to use against our enemy’s skills( if our enemy is fast or strong, if he uses long or short-range techniques, if he uses changes of pace in his fighting, if he likes attacking or just waiting to be attacked, etc.)

          Choy Lee Fut system has got the following two person fighting forms:

          - SAM SING YUM YEUNG CHAG  Three yin yang  stars

          - GAU SING YUM YEUNG CHAG  Nine yin yang stars

          - SUP JI KUEN DOI CHAG  Fighting  in cross pattern

          - GUM BIU DOI JIT FU DOI CHAG  Golden leopard vs. tiger form

          - SHE YING DOI HOK YING DOI CHAG   “Snake vs. crane form

          - BAK MO KUEN DOI SHE HOK DOI CHAG  White haired monkey vs. snake and crane form

          - LUNG YING DOI FU YING DOI CHAG  Dragon vs. tiger form

          - HOK YING DOI LUNG YING DOI CHAG  Crane vs. dragon form

          - JERNG YING DOI MA YING DOI CHAG  Elephant vs. horse form

          - HEO YING DOI BIU YING DOI CHAG  Monkey vs. deer form

          - LUNG SE FU PAO HOK NG YING DOI CHAG  Five confronted animals form

          - NOI NGOI LUN SAU KAM NA DOI CHAG   “External vs. internal – grappling techniques

          - YUM YEUNG TID DA CHAG Yin yang to knock down

          Each of these forms works in order to get its own particular objectives. For instance:

          Sam sing yum yeung chag “Three yin yang stars” works the conditioning

and strengthening of forearms.

          Gau sing yum yeung chag “Nine yin yang stars” works not only the

conditioning of forearms but also situations where both fighters hit or

perform grappling techniques at the same time.

          Gum biu doi jit fu doi chag “Golden leopard vs. tiger form” trains

speed vs. strength.

          She ying doi hok ying doi chag “ Snake vs crane form” train the

speed, explosive strength and long -range techniques against tenderness,

control and attacks to vulnerable parts,  combining short, medium and

long- range techniques.