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escuela FU YING
Escuela fu ying
Escuela FU YING
Escuela FU YING
Escuela FU YING


- He must have a broad knowledge about the topic to be treated.

- To know to make use of teaching materials to develop the method.

- To have an adequate method for each circumstance and time.

- To have pedagogical knowledge.

- To do research continuously.

- To be clever, to be as water, to be able to adapt to any circumstances.

- To use an adequate nomenclature for the teaching subject.

- To have a right attitude.

- To have a professional attitude.

- To teach to students to accept the failures as something necessary to excel oneself.

- To have a moral and sporting behavior.

- To want the students to learn.

- Sincerity, necessary for the student´s interest and confidence.

- Enthusiasm, because the loss of enthusiasm can lead to the lessons failure.

- Responsibility.

- To have a broad sense of justice.

- To have harmony, fluency and flexibility.

- To show the student his own value.

- To accept the responsibility of teaching.

- To know the student´s abilities.

- To assist the student´s growing up beyond the sportive activity.

- To motivate the student to reach the highest degree of psicomotricity.

- To pay attention to students.

- To believe in what you teach.

- To help the students to set their own aim, because no goals, no progress.

- To guide the students to find in the sportive activity practice their main source of personal satisfaction.

- Show the students that success is what you feel not what others see.

- He must keep watch over the student comply with the rule: “help yourself”

- To have willpower, because this is the best allied in life.

- His knowledge must be empiric and eclectic.

- To transmit to the student eagerness for learning, but never anxiety or obsession.

- He must teach the art in the way of training and experience student´s discover the art.

- He should become more than an instructor

- He must try to tune with the student and make the students see that their attitude must be a reflection of his master towards the others.

- To motivate the student looks for his own knowledge.

- To Know how make progress, learn continuously and excel oneself.

- To show the truth, because the martial artist is looking for the truth continuously.

- Not only must be a Master but also to seem a Master.

- He must be ambitious and do his best.

                        Theory helps but it is practice what really makes a master.